The Youth2030 Guidance

Thematic Area:  Education for Human Rights, Global Citizenship and Sustainable Development

What does the Youth Strategy say?

In order to foster civic awareness and participation, volunteerism and a culture of non-violence for young people, the UN is tasked with the following:

Increase the promotion of sustainable development, human rights and global citizenship education and training, without discrimination, for all youth regardless of status or context

Guidance Priority Area 4

 Youth and Human Rights

Key Priorities

for Action

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  • Integrate ESD, HRE and GCED in quality education curriculums and programming in formal and non-formal settings, including themes of climate action and rights of future generations

  • Engage with and empower youth at the community level to hardness local knowledge and create opportunities for innovation in sustainable development through education

  • Prioritize objectives of individual, societal and digital transformation in ESD, HRE and GCED

  • Focus on reaching youth in vulnerable situations and recognizing them as leaders and beneficiaries of education to prevent violent extremism and other human rights violations

  • Key emerging priorities (informed by 2020 stakeholder consultations):

  • Promote inclusivity and lifelong learning approaches in ESD, HRE and GCED programming with a focus on young women and girls and differently-abled youth


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Thematic Background

Key Entry Points for Programming

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Key interagency/multi-stakeholder initiatives –

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